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PS, Signing to engage.

My choice Was not immediate. Recognize the differences be three motions Aubry, Delanoe and Royal are shades.So Rather I Studied Intensely more nuanced thesis are two items That are significant to me, Europe and territories.
Fast Nevermind territories, the future of the organization of France, joined the territories with Europe, deepening Decentralization, this is Treated lightly, as if bi and in things not seen the PS Has to offer on the matter. A reflection is needed, this is not for you It Seems That congress.
Europe, it is little Discussed and That is probably where is my choice. I really do not think Martine Aubry credible When It binds with Fabius, the breaker of Europe. I do not think credible Either When It presents a Europe That Would actually "French" as if l'autre socialist party Would align us. No, decidedly, so we all need a social Europe, this is not the entrance for our common future. Fabusienne the brand is there.
Here, so I proceeded by elimination. I'm not talking about Royal Because I do not want that love is a bond price to disappear.