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The state spends what he did ... We will pay more

The choices we make at the head of the commune live: has a financial translation. Two levers are used to make The Necessary investments, borrowing and taxation. Every year at the Beginning of the year, what is significant to the state level of the territories As That is the budget vote. By cons, only the territories are Obliged to this, and accomplish achieve balance.

The Government say, Who Has anyone will listen que le local autorités Would Be responsible for the debt of our country. In fact, the state is in debt to the tune of 1.27 trillion. All local autorités is to the tune of 132 trillion euros, or 10% of the national debt, And They tend to "Reduce the canvas." It is clear that good managers are Rather the Community side.

In the law of public finance program, it is expected Communities That Their debt divide by 4, while the state Does not-even Committed to 1.4%. How the government can give lessons under When We see the circumstances in qui it puts public finances. Already on the brink, he commits 360 trillion to rescue the banking system. It is now our great grandchildren Who will-have to endure today's decisions.

There Will Increase The Therefore Inevitably a tax, the territories will struggle to escape. Faced with a squeeze with one hand, the revenue Decrease (250 million less for state grants, 600 million less on transfer fees, 10% of revenues, EUR 300 million for the business tax ...) and --other Increasing expenses (reform of guardianship, the substantial businesses Increase in expenditure of the APA, the financing of RSA, effective in June 2009 and the allocation autonomy), local autorités can not cope.

The government Decided to load for icts own mismanagement and increasingly That of banks.