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"If we have the authority and effectiveness ..."

Cambridge hen party dares candidate for the post of first secretary of the PS, Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris, Explained to Liberian, ict Proposals and returns to the financial crisis.

What do you think how Nicolas Sarkozy marriages the crisis?

He Was sentenced to react in an emergency to close the gaps That he open himself: unemployment, the collapse of trade and purchasing power Were There before the effects of the global crisis. If Nicolas Sarkozy judge on results and not on ict communication, one can credit it to Hardly-have Achieved a common European position, since it is thanks to Gordon Brown's initiative. As for the prospect of international year rally in Washington, how not to end ict real impact? in fact, Nicolas Sarkozy, lawyer always mortgage the Anglo-Saxon and deregulation of labor law, Said exactly the opposite in this crisis.

Is the tax package icts original sin?

Nicolas Sarkozy refused to give France the means clustering clustering to recover. To serve social justice and economic performance, it must first bailout That this power HAS emptied. There is only one way to cancel the tax package and the tax shield, to overhaul tax loopholes and taxing stock options.
What --other decisions would you take if You Were in power?

If the left Was responsible, it shoulds Maintain a discourse of truth. To boost employment, ict priority shoulds be to invest Heavily in innovation, research and media for SMEs. It shoulds also Stimulate a concerted stimulus through a European loan of 100 trillion euros, . Focused on strategic thesis Sectors Meanwhile, it shoulds Supporting the purchasing power, conditioning Especially in the payroll tax to the finding of wage agreements in the company. I also stress on the issue of social dialogue: social desperation is such That it is imperative to design a concerted way with the unions. Now this government despises.

What would your margins budget?

I quoted you the tracks. Then we Would Be dishonest in Claiming That There is No Attempt to do. The issue is whether this Attempt is really Asked Those Who can AFFORD it and if the state supports Good Citizens Who are MOST in need. For example , we are the only ones in our motion to propose to family benefits means-tested. I assume because i left and need to find ways to help the MOST vulnerable first, as the middle classes elsewhere.
Should we Increase salaries to restart the machine?

I am in favor, in a controlled Manner. Goal if we are targeting growth by boosting consumption, we will go to the wall. The The Therefore, at the time Sami, we must Modernize our productive apparatus.

With this system of crisis, do you regret you be Declared as "socialist and liberal"?

Rereading the trials of my book (1), I Knew It Was not really a tactical skill! Purpose thesis are my convictions. What have I written? I am not a social liberal and progressive for economic liberalism can not be the basis of an economic social or thought. HOWEVER, yes, I am an activist for freedom! It is more essential than ever in the age of DNA testing for immigrants gold Edvige file, some threats REMAIN. Socialists shoulds also take ownership fighting for the right to die with Dignity , for the rights of Individuals - whatever Their identity -. to Become parents, and for the Foreigners to vote in local elections Because for me the political commitment HAS Meaning only in sincerity, I persist and I sign.

Some socialists believe That your campaign to make the PS patina. Would you-have Discussed in winner?

Goal! I lead a country convictions. And I'm as Determined as serene. This debate takes place in a serious context. Socialist activists are Concerned Because Their country is bad, the French face severe social Difficulties. In addition, since 1971 in Epinay this is the first time that We-have to choose the time Sami's political orientation, a conception of the party, an alliance leader and a strategy. It is normal that the outcome is uncertain. So I Understand that It grows seriously.
With the backing of Michel Rocard, Jospin and Hollande, do not you play as the old party?

To renovate the PS, shoulds we be ashamed of the results of These statesmen Who made ​​the Pacs, CMU, parity or the CSG? If I Become First Secretary, the PS will not start with me. It has a history, it is imperfect, aim it is beautiful and I am proud. to deserve to write the sequel, we must start by Saying thank you.

What kind of first secretary would you?

I would be an activist Who has-been branch secretary, federal official in the Aveyron, national secretary and a local community marriages That HAS icts lost none of gains. I have always Worked Collectively. The team I lead in Paris Brings together all the components of the left and the PS. this is not 58 years I'll lose the taste for teamwork. for this, whether the authority and effectiveness, I assume.

What your motion she differs from others?

It Creates the conditions for effective year left. We play cards on the table with us, the militants know that political leadership They choose, what strategy and what facilitator. Everyone can not be said. We carry a rich party culture, credible opposition and operational project in if we return to power. we reject demagogy, we choose respect for militants and Their vote. This is why I Hope that on November 6, a bear will preferably motion-have enough strength to politically cambridge hen party Organizes the essential common house of the Socialists.