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Organize our territories

It begins to move the side of our institutions. Finally a law commission examined the future of our territorial organization.
Having read this report, I see Some interesting ideas and real dangers. Let's start with the dangers. Wanting to stop cross-financing and general competence at all levels from a Logically goal fails to mention how to replace this system.Cross-financing is an asset for solidarity and equal access to the means clustering Regardless of the wealth of Each Other. And Then There is structural facilities That Such require funding in a single territory, city or EPCI Could AFFORD it. The Therefore it is Necessary to think of Reviews another system That allows Municipalities or Communities, to get help for needed projects aim qui Exceed Their capacity.
Positive Side, the idea That our regions are too small in the European concert is a euphénisme. We must Posser effect of territories or groups of territories qui weigh in 6 to 10 million people To Become true weight c onomic in a European environment qui Shows That states are not the future.
I Could fault the commission for not HAVING beens after-logic reviewing the constitution and the role of the senate ... Too bad.